The flawless eye for extraordinary design runs through generations in the Lassen family. Menu. Also released during the Stockholm fair but light years away in terms of style was the 'Saxe' folding chair designed in 1955 by Flemming's brother, Mogens Lassen (1901 -1987). Free delivery for orders above AUD150* within Australia. by Lassen owns the rights to the designs of two of Denmark's greatest architects - Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) and Flemming Lassen (1902-1984). Winter has arrived at Lassen Volcanic National Park. By Lassen. Tilbage i 1962 designede Mogens Lassen den i dag ikoniske Kubus lysestage, som fortsat oplever noget nær kultstatus i danske og internationale hjem. With its architectural background, by Lassen pieces are sharp and easily recognisable. By Lassen on designbrändi, joka keskittyy pääasiassa tanskalaisten modernistien Mogens ja Flemming Lassenin muotoiluun. The original design for the Kubus candle holder was worked on for many years by Mogens Lassen before the design was finally completed in 1962. $50 Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. This 20-minute film provides a brief introduction to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Order By Lassen Australia wide from only one place - Designstuff. Christian Riese Lassen: Christian Riese Lassen ‘s love of the ocean, nature and the outdoors inspires some of the most beautiful and popular works of art available. $350 From Fred International in Australia They work with various designers, including two of Denmark’s greatest architects: Mogens Lassen and Flemming Lassen. Find by lassen ads from Canterbury Area, NSW. An icon we use to indicate a leftwards action. $60, By Lassen / $99, By Lassen / By Lassen Flow Cushion - 35 x 70 - Grey ORP $159

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